Prescription Acne Treatments

$19 Initial Consultation. Treatment from $10 per month.

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Treatment options

Over-the-counter acne creams often aren't effective.
We provide access to more powerful prescription-only solutions.

Daily oral medication from $10 per month

Prescription acne cream from $20 per month

Why choose Candor?

Trying to treat acne prone skin can be frustrating. There are a lot of products that make big promises and don't deliver.

At Candor we only recommend acne treatments with real clinical evidence behind them, tailored to your specific skin type.

Dr Lisa Beckett, Founder
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Prices for treatment plans vary depending on the medication selected and frequency of refills. This means we are unable to provide an exact price until your Candor GP has assessed your situation and provided a treatment plan. Generally our acne treatments start from $19 per month. There is a one-off initial consultation fee of $19.

What treatments do you offer?

Australian law prevents us from naming specific medications until you have had a consultation with one of our GPs. Candor offers both topical and oral treatments to prevent and treat acne.

Do the treatments work?

There are a number of effective medication options available for hair loss. Based on your responses your Candor GP can help prescribe the right treatment for you. Treatments are based on best available evidence but individual results may vary. If you don’t feel it’s working - let us know!

What about side effects?

We will provide comprehensive information on possible side effects and we require that you review this and consent prior to shipping your medication. If you have any questions you are welcome to discuss these with your prescribing GP prior to shipping.