Dr Lisa Beckett

Hi, I'm Dr Lisa. I'm the founder of Candor. I'm a registered General Practitioner and a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

I hold a Bachelor of BioMedical Science, a Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery, a Diploma of Child Health and I'm an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

About Candor

Candor provides online consults and prescriptions for common health concerns.
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A patient using an online questionnaire
A doctor tailors treatment options for you
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How does it work?

To start we ask you to fill out an online assessment. This assessment is tailored to your specific health concerns and has been created by Australian GP’s to ensure we provide comprehensive evidence based medical care. 

Your responses are reviewed by an Australian GP who provides a tailored treatment plan for you to consider. If you’re happy with the plan we create a prescription and send it to our partner pharmacy who sends your treatment straight to your door.

Who can use Candor?

You must be at least 18 years old and an Australian resident to use Candor.

Do I speak directly to the doctor?

Yes. You’ll receive an email from us to connect you to your Candor doctor. Your doctor will explain the treatment plan and provide information about any prescibed medications. You’ll be able to reply to your doctor directly with any additional questions. Our doctors always aim to respond within 24 hours.

Is there a phone call involved?

No, our consultations are administered via an online form that your Candor GP then reviews. If you or your Candor GP need to ask additional questions relating to your condition or your treatment plan you can do so for free via the built-in messaging portal.

Can I claim my treatment on Medicare?

Medicare is not currently compatible with telehealth platforms like Candor, but the landscape is changing fast. We keep our finger on the pulse and will make our users aware of any changes to the Medicare system that may benefit them.

Why do you ask for my photo ID?

In order to provide safe treatment plans we need to verify your identity. We do this using your drivers license or 18+ card. If this is unsuitable for you we can offer other means of identification. 

Am I guaranteed a prescription?

No. Just like any other prescription it’s important your Candor GP works with you to determine the best treatment for your unique situation. Consultations and prescriptions are based on best medical practice and Australian General Practice guidelines.

What treatments are available?

Autralian law prevents us from naming specific medications. Treatment plans are based on your needs and medical history. Your Candor GP will review your information and provide you with options for treatment. If there is more than one suitable alternative, you will have the option to choose.

What if I have concerns about my suggested prescription?

You can message your doctor directly if you have any concerns. We aim to provide the most appropriate treatment plan that suits your needs. We will provide you with comprehensive information about any prescriptions prior to shipping.

Can I request a specific treatment?

Yes, you can provide information about personal preferences. This doesn’t guarantee that you will receive this treatment but may help us tailor our plans to suit you better.

How long will it take?

Your Candor GP will review your assessment within 24 hours and contact you with plans for treatment options.

Is this safe?

The information we ask you for helps our GPs to thoroughly assess you and provide suitable safe treatment options, just like your regular GP does. All medication has potential risks and side effects and we will inform you of these before we ship your medication to you.

Is it legal?

Yes. Telehealth services are provided by qualified fellowed GPs who hold registration with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Prescriptions are filled by Australian pharmacies.

My medical history has changed, how can I let you know?

It is important you let us know of any changes to your health or any new medications you are taking. This may affect the effectiveness or safety of your treatment plan. You can access your personal details when you log in and make changes from within the online portal.